Wing Chun Kung Fu, Novelty T-Shirts! Have you Got Your's Yet?

Posted by Andrew Cameron on

Create a Design,

Send it to us and if we love it we will add it to our store!!

After so many years of training in the Wing Chun system and martial arts in general I thought it was about time I wore something else whilst out and about casual other than my martial arts uniform. 

Like so many of my fellow training buddies we are a sucker for anything we see around the shops that has anything remotely relating to kung fu or martial arts especially Wing Chun.

I thought it would be a cool idea to design our own novelty T-Shirts and offer to the whole martial arts community. Its is from this idea along we decided we would create an online store for martial artist and anyone whom has a passion and love for martial arts!!!

Why wear a boring logo T-shirt that you can find in every High Street store? When you could be walking around in one of our many unique design T-shirts instead!!!

 Our Idea is very simple, choose your design, colour and size, place the order and we will print and send direct to your home... 


 All our T-shirts can only be found and bought online, can't find a design you like? Send us your ideas or designs and if we love it, we will add your design to our store and send you a gift as a thank you.... 


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